• Blue Tigers Eye Heart


    Blue Tiger’s Eye Heart is a beautifully crafted heart-shaped stone exudes a deep blue sheen, symbolizing clarity, focus, and emotional depth. Ideal for those seeking to enhance their intuition and communication, this heart is a beacon of calmness and balance in your personal journey.

    Spiritual Attributes:

    Goals: Clarity, Communication, Intuition
    Energy Centers: Throat Chakra, Third Eye
    Astrological Sign: Leo, Capricorn
    Elemental Association: Earth, Air

  • Caribbean Calcite with Pyrite Tower


    Experience the serene beauty and grounding energy of our Caribbean Calcite with Pyrite Tower. This unique piece combines the calming hues of Caribbean Calcite with the shimmering confidence of Pyrite, making it an ideal addition to any space seeking tranquility and strength. Perfect for your meditation corner or as a striking decorative element, this tower is a beacon of balance and clarity.

    Spiritual Attributes:
    Goals: Harmony, Calming, Tranquility
    Energy Centers: Third-Eye, Throat Chakra
    Astrological Sign: Cancer
    Elemental Association: Water