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Snowflake Obsidian Tower

Experience the purifying energy of our Snowflake Obsidian Tower. This striking tower is crafted from Snowflake Obsidian, known for its unique pattern of gray snowflakes against a polished black background. Ideal for those seeking balance during times of change, it’s a perfect tool for meditation and cleansing negative energy.

Spiritual Attributes:

Goals: Balance, Purity, Transformation
Energy Centers: Root Chakra
Astrological Sign: Virgo
Elemental Association: Earth



Introducing our Snowflake Obsidian Tower, a beautifully crafted piece that embodies resilience and purity. Snowflake Obsidian, with its distinctive gray snowflake patterns on a dark, lustrous background, is not only mesmerizing to look at but also offers significant spiritual benefits. This stone is renowned for its ability to provide balance and grounding, especially during times of tumultuous change.

Each Snowflake Obsidian Tower serves as a powerful tool in promoting emotional balance and clearing away negative thoughts. It acts as a protective stone, shielding against negativity and emotional blockages. The tower’s pointed shape amplifies this protective energy, making it an excellent choice for meditation spaces or as a personal talisman.

Beyond its spiritual qualities, the Snowflake Obsidian Tower enhances any decor with its stark, contrasting beauty. It makes a statement piece in any room, drawing the eye and centering the space with its bold, elegant appearance.

Perfect for those engaged in introspection or undergoing personal transformation, the Snowflake Obsidian Tower helps to cleanse the mind and spirit. It supports the release of outdated patterns and aids in the recognition of the beneficial lessons behind our experiences.

Please note, as with all our natural crystal products, each Snowflake Obsidian Tower will vary slightly in pattern, shape, and size, making your piece truly unique. Embrace the stabilizing and transformative power of this striking snowflake obsidian tower, a beacon of strength and purity.

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