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Pink Tourmaline Tower

Enrich your space with the vibrant charm of our Pink Tourmaline Tower. This exquisite crystal tower shimmers with shades of soft pink, infusing your environment with love and positivity. Ideal for those seeking a touch of gentle healing and emotional warmth, it’s a perfect centerpiece for nurturing a peaceful atmosphere.

Spiritual Attributes for Pink Tourmaline:

Goals: Love, Emotional Healing, Compassion
Energy Centers: Heart Chakra
Astrological Sign: Libra
Elemental Association: Water


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Introducing our Pink Tourmaline Tower, a striking piece that embodies the essence of heart-centered energy. Crafted from the finest pink tourmaline, this tower is a beacon of compassion and healing. The soothing pink hues are known to resonate with the Heart Chakra, promoting a flow of empathy and understanding.

Each Pink Tourmaline Tower is a natural work of art, exuding a warm, loving presence that’s as beautiful as it is beneficial. Pink tourmaline is celebrated for its emotional healing properties. It offers a gentle vibration that can assist in mending the heart and encouraging feelings of joy and peace.

Standing gracefully, this tower is more than just an aesthetic addition to your collection. It serves as a tangible reminder of the capacity for love within us all and the potential for emotional rejuvenation. Its nurturing presence can help to dissolve stress and tension. This allows you to embrace a more tender and serene outlook on life.

With its soft luster and delicate color, it’s perfect for anyone wishing to add a nurturing element to their home or office. It’s also a thoughtful gift for a loved one in need of a little extra comfort and care.

Please note, as with all our natural crystal products, each tower will vary slightly in shade, shape, and size, making your tower uniquely yours. Embrace the distinctive beauty and curative properties of this enchanting pink tourmaline crystal tower.

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